Your Language Rights

Official Languages

You are entitled to use either French or English in all matters before the Financial and Consumer Services Tribunal.  This includes filing documents in the official language of your choice, testifying in the language of your choice and being heard in the language of your choice. 


It is important that you advise the Registrar of the Tribunal of your choice of language to ensure that your linguistic rights are respected.  For example, when requested, the Tribunal provides interpretation at hearings for parties and their lawyers.


The Registrar and the Assistant Registrar are also fully bilingual to ensure you, your lawyer and the public can interact with the Tribunal in either official language. 


The Tribunal hears matters in both official languages and ensures that the panel members hearing a matter be fully capable of understanding, without the assistance of interpretation, the matter before it, in the official language of choice of the parties and witnesses.  


The Tribunal issues all its documents in both official languages, including decisions, orders, and notices.

Other Languages


If a party or a witness is unable to communicate in either French or English, they should immediately advise the Registrar of the Tribunal to allow for arrangements to be made for an interpreter.