Code of Conduct



The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the rules of conduct of the members of the Financial and Consumer Services Tribunal and maintain and enhance public confidence in the integrity and competence of members, the fairness and efficiency of hearings, and the justice of decisions rendered.

This Code of Conduct if founded on the recognition that the conduct of Tribunal members must be governed by the requirements of fairness, integrity and independence in decision-making.

This Code of Conduct should be read keeping in mind the Financial and Consumer Services Commission Act, the Rules of Procedure and the Tribunalís Policy on Conflict of Interest.

To demonstrate commitment to transparency and accountability, this Code of Conduct is available to the public on the Tribunalís website (fcnbtribunal.ca).




This policy applies to all current and past Tribunal members.



1.  Fairness


Tribunal members shall ensure that hearings of the Tribunal are conducted in a manner that is transparent and fair.


2.  Integrity


Tribunal members shall perform their office with honour, dignity and integrity.


3.  Interaction with Persons

Tribunal Members shall treat all persons appearing before the Tribunal with dignity, respect and fairness, while exercising the authority required for the good conduct of the hearing.
4.  Absence of Discrimination
Tribunal members shall perform their functions without discrimination.
5.  Impartiality
Tribunal members shall act impartially by approaching every proceeding and every issue arising in a proceeding with an open mind, and avoid doing or saying anything to cause any person to think they are biased in favour of one of the parties.
6.  Independence
Tribunal members shall defend the independence of their office in the best interest of justice.
7.  Post-service Conduct
Tribunal members will observe obligations of confidentiality after leaving office.
8.  Duty to Avoid and Report Real or Perceived Conflicts of Interest
Tribunal members shall abide by the Tribunalís Conflict of Interest Policy. 

9.  Confidential Information
Tribunal members shall preserve confidential information obtained as a result of their appointment.
10.  Expertise
Tribunal members shall foster their expertise and professional competence and knowledge in adjudication, administrative law and hearing procedure.
11.  Collegiality
Tribunal members shall foster a collegial approach in performing official duties and responsibilities, all the while encouraging the expression and exchange of strongly held views in discussions and deliberations.



The Tribunal Chair is responsible for the administration of this policy.



Release 001 Ė Approved September 22, 2015. This document is the original issue.



September 22, 2015